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Find the right medical school How to use the medical school search tool: Use this tool to see how competitive your MCAT scores and GPA are at different medical schools. For detailed information on Caribbean medical schools, check out our Caribbean Medical Schools information page.
The best medical schools Innovative education: Primary care and research capabilities are just some of the factors that go into determining what are the best medical schools in the country.
Medical school admissions process Several stages in the medical school admissions process: A brief outline of the medical school application process follows.
Best pre-med schools Finding the best pre-med school for your situation and needs is important to becoming the doctor that you want. But "the best" isn't always the same for every student.

Premed tools and resources

Medical School Finder
See how your MCAT scores and GPA compare to those of students accepted at US Medical schools. Scout out the medical schools you're thinking about.

Should you retake the MCAT test?
You just got your MCAT scores back - should you try again to get a higher score? There's a lot of data on what your next score is likely to be based on your first score. We've compiled this data into a tool that gives you recommendations about retaking the MCAT, and shows you the probabilities of what your next score could be.

Then, you can put all this information into our Medical School Finder to see how competitive your new scores would make you at different medical schools.

Compare Caribbean Medical Schools
See head-to-head comparisons of different Caribbean medical schools. Find out which schools have MCAT requirements, what tuition is, what the financial aid options are, and more. For more on Caribbean Medical Schools.

MCAT Forum
Discussion forum on pre-med and medical student issues. Moderated by an MD.

Medical School Admissions
What you need to get into medical school: medical school requirements, medical school rankings, school applications and more.

MCAT Information
The best ways to get ready for the MCAT. Hosted by a former MCAT prep teacher, we know the best web-sites, courses and books!

Medical school rankings
Rankings by funding and student strength. New medical school rankings also include information on student debt.

The top 10 medical schools
Best US med schools for research or primary care, showing the top ranked medical schools.

Planning to get into Medical School
The job of a premed.

The best premed schools - understanding how to evaluate colleges and their premed programs to find the best program for you.

Post-baccalaureate programs are growing in popularity, giving the ability to committed students to get into US allopathic medical schools.

Medical careers and medical jobs

Physician Salaries information
Salary survey results for a variety of medical specialties.

Physician Salary and Student Expectations
Physician salary information and the results of a student survey of salary expectations.

Physician Jobs
Trends and outlook for physician employment, including discussion of medical specialities and regional physician needs.

Nursing Jobs
Employment resources for nurses in the US - this is the largest growing profession in the country - with a wide range of nursing salaries. The most recent, and very active, addition to this resource is the nursing forum, with discussion of professional and career development for nurses.

Nursing Degrees
Information on trends and nursing educational opportunities across the US, including online nursing schools.

Medical Dictionary
Free online medical practice tools, medical software, and extensive physician and medical job search.

Online Medical Schools
an idea that has yet to bear fruit for MDs, but is in full force for nursing and allied health career education.

Allied Health Programs

Psychology schools for clinical, industrial and experimental psychology.

Physical therapy schools and a broad range of listings for physical therapy jobs across the U.S.

Radiology schools with licensing programs for both X-ray technicians and ultrasound technicians.

Student finances

College Student Health Insurance
General insurance information and health plan options for students at all levels.

Student Loans
Understanding current student loan structure and rates, as well as the effects of carrying a lot of student loan debt.

Medical School Loans
There are specific loans devoted to financing medical school - this page provides information on the different types of loans, as well as lending institutions and student debt trends.

Caribean Medical School Student Loans
This is a new program that offers student loans to students attending foreign medical schools.

Medical student loans
With average debts of more than $100,000, getting the right student loan is of the utmost importance for medical students.

Student Health Insurance
Because professional courtesy doesn't get you very much health care.


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