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The best nursing schools

The best nursing schools offer excellent training, experience

The best nursing schools offer students like you the chance to get hands on experience in patient care as well as offer you the academic foundation you will need to be successful in the nursing field.

Every year, various publications including U.S. News and World Report publish a list of what they consider to be the best nursing schools in the U.S. These lists can be a helpful tool for you when you are researching nursing schools because these rankings often consider research facilities, hospital affiliations, curriculum and practical experience as part of their metrics for determining the rankings. It’s important that you get a sense of what a school has to offer in terms of both curriculum and practical hands on patient care so that your training and education prepare you for your nursing career.

The best nursing schools: curriculum meets patient care

When you are looking over the lists of the best nursing schools, it’s important to consider the curriculum that is being offered. Is it a patient centered curriculum that will help you in the field? Will the curriculum give you the scientific and medical knowledge you need to be an effective nurse? The best nursing schools rank high because their curriculum meets the demands of patient care today. They provide cutting edge education backed by the latest research and innovation in medicine and nursing so that you can meet the demands that will be placed on you once you are practicing in the field.

The best nursing schools: hospital affiliation, hands on training

To make it on to the lists of the best nursing schools, having an affiliation with a top hospital is important because that is where a majority of the hands on training will occur. Like top medical schools, the best nursing schools will offer you training in a top hospital that is noted for many therapeutic areas and can provide you with training in a number of specialties of nursing. This is particularly important if you plan to specialize in a field of nursing and are planning on getting post-graduate training to further your career goals.

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