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California medical schools

California medical schools are among the best in the nation. As such, you will have to ensure your application is as good as possible if you hope to gain admittance.

Many of California's medical schools can provide you with an excellent education in almost any area of medicine. However, because these schools are so competitive, you’ll need to ensure that you have what it takes to gain admission to the school of your choice.

Applying to California medical schools

The first thing you should do when considering medical schools in California takes place long before you apply or even take the MCAT. You should begin your journey by first researching the particular school that interests you. And make it your top priority to find out what the admission requirements are. How many slots, on average, are open each semester?

Prepare yourself by knowing what the school requires, and you will be able to take proactive steps to ensure that you stand the best chance of acceptance by the admissions board.

The importance of the MCAT

Like most medical schools, those in California place great emphasis on your MCAT scores. This test largely determines what schools will accept you as a student. Of course, there are numerous other factors in such a decision, such as your application and secondary application, as well as the interview. However, you will find that high MCAT scores can help pave the way to getting into your preferred medical school.

If you are unsure that you can ace the MCAT, you’ll need to find some MCAT prep tutorials. Here, the Internet can be of immense assistance and can help you score the highest possible on the test.

Criteria for acceptance

You will find that medical schools in California have numerous other requirements. For instance, you will need to have carried a consistently high GPA throughout your educational career. You will also need to have taken and passed any prerequisite classes. Most schools have a list of prerequisite subjects displayed on their website so students can easily see the medical school requirements.

To see how competitive your application might be at California medical schools, and schools throughout the U.S., you can try the medical school admissions and search tool.

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