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CNA duties

Before you choose to embark on this course of study, it is imperative that you understand the CNA job description.

What is the CNA job description? This career choice will find you performing numerous duties, both with the assistance of another medical professional and on your own. It is important that you understand the various duties that you will perform in order to determine if this is a good choice for your career needs.

What types of duties will I perform?

If you’re wondering just what duties might be included in the Certified Nursing Assistant job description, then wonder no more. You will find that a wide range of different duties might apply to you, depending on the healthcare center in which you work.

Responsibilities in CNA jobs: You might have to monitor the amount of food and liquid a patient consumes, or provide a patient with basic hygiene. Feeding patients unable to feed themselves might also be one of your duties. You can certainly find yourself changing and making beds, taking vital signs from patients and helping with a wide range of medical procedures (in a supervised capacity). You’ll help patients into and out of their beds, help patients walk, clean patient rooms, answer “call” lights indicating the patient requires something, monitor and report any changes in patient condition and collect samples for testing purposes, as well.

What settings will I work in?

You’ll need to understand what types of settings you might work in, as well as the basic CNA job description. CNAs can work in a wide range of different locations. You might find yourself employed in a nursing home setting or within a hospital. You might find that you can make an excellent living in the home health care industry, or work as a home health care nurse aide independently. Outpatient facilities are yet another place where CNAs can find excellent employment opportunities.

You should also understand the fastest growing field for any type of nursing professional. As the population of senior citizens with livable disabilities increases, you will find that home health care is the most dynamic field you can enter. According to current studies, this field is set to become the fastest growing in the entire medical industry and can provide you with a very rewarding career along with a satisfying CNA salary.

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