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Dental school application

Filling out your dental school application correctly is imperative. Few other things will have as large an impact on your success as this application.

So where do you begin? In order to attend dental school, you’ll need to fill out a dental school application. You must do this correctly, because your dental school application is the first impression the admissions board will have of you.

Why is it important?

A dental school application is a requirement for gaining that coveted DDS after your name, as well as going on to enjoy a tremendous career in this field of medicine. However, you might encounter numerous questions with this application. What should it contain? When should you submit it?

Obviously, your dental school application should contain your DAT — or Dental Admission Test — results. These DAT test results will be one of the largest determining factors in whether you are accepted at the school of your choice. In addition, you should submit your application a year and a half ahead of time – this ensures that the school has ample time to consider your merits and that you have plenty of prep time, as well.

Also required:

  • Letters of recommendation from community leaders and other dental practitioners
  • Personal essay or statement. For professional editing, we recommend
  • List of any accolades you might have received during your school or professional life

Other application considerations

In addition to the items listed above, you might find that the schools you are interested in attending require a monetary deposit, or they will not process your dental school application. Usually, this deposit must be submitted at the same time as your application, though some schools will allow you to wait a bit longer.

Finally, before you submit your application to dental school, you should ensure that you have taken and passed (or are currently taking) all required prerequisite classes. Failure to have passed these classes can result in being denied admission to dental school.


Other resource

The ADEA (American Dental Education Association) offers you help with your dental school application.
The ADA offers great help with the dental school admission and application process.
You’ll find some much-needed help with the dental school application process with PremedGuide.com.


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