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Dental school rankings

Learning about dental school rankings when searching for a school

Dental school rankings can tell you a lot about a school in terms of their research capabilities as well as their academic program. However, rankings from leading magazines are not the be all and end all of how good a program is.

Every year, U.S. News and World Report publishes their list of the top ranking medical and dental programs in the United States. Their rankings are based on a number of metrics and factors including research facilities, faculty to student ratio, and other factors including tuition and student life. While this may be a useful tool in helping students select a program, dental school rankings can be debatable because nearly all the dental schools in the U.S. are excellent.

2010 dental school rankings help students who are looking for a particular niche

While dental school rankings are subjective, and the best dental schools train you to be good dentists regardless of subspecialty, the rankings can help you if you are looking for a school that has an excellent program in a niche of dentistry that you may be interested in. There may also be schools that have a leading edge in research where new methods and procedures of dentistry are being discovered and you can take advantage of learning those procedures while you are still in dental school so you can put them to use later in your practice. With new cosmetic procedures becoming available and new technology being brought into the practice of dentistry, a school that specializes in a niche of dentistry may be appealing to you as a potential student as you seek out schools to apply to.

Dental School Rankings Assist Students with Post Graduate Residency

Dental school rankings for 2009 are consistent with those of previous years in the general order and difference between schools, and can assist you when you are looking down the road at life after dental school. Schools with high rankings usually offer a large number of post graduate residencies for students who want to specialize in the different fields of dentistry. Having a large number of post graduate residencies is a real asset to you if you wish to continue your training at the institution you began your education at and dental school rankings can play a pivotal role in helping you decide which school you would like to attend.

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