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Dentist salaries have risen considerably, making this one of the fastest growing, highest paying career choices for many people.

Dentists provide dramatic assistance for those in chronic pain from cavities, help ensure proper oral health, remove teeth, perform root canals and myriad other procedures. As you might imagine, a dentist’s salary can be quite impressive. Understanding the dentist average salary in the United States, however, will require that you understand what goes into this career choice.

Education required

While dentist salary ranges are among the highest in the nation, there is an excellent reason for this. In order to become a dentist, a student must complete eight years of education. The final two years of study actually encompass treating patients, while the first six years consist of studying physiology, clinical science, microbiology, anatomy, infectious disease, periodontal disease and an amazing breadth of other topics.

Most dentists setup their own practice once they leave dental school, though some go to work for insurance providers, work in a medical office or provide their services in another manner. However, regardless of the area in which you wish to work, you will need to attend an accredited dental school for the minimum number of years. Additional education will be required for those seeking entrance to more specialized fields in dentistry.

Job opportunities

Dentist salary ranges will vary with the type of location in which the dentist works. For instance, a dentist who owns his or her own practice will earn a considerable salary. However, some dentists choose to go into a specialized area, such as orthodontics, oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery or prosthodontics.

Each sphere carries its own minimum and maximum earning potential. As a note, those specializing in surgical applications are often capable of earning significantly more than other dental specialists, though these jobs are fewer in number.

What Is the Average Dentist Salary Range?

The average dentist salary range comes in around $147,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, that figure changes with different areas of specialization. For instance, orthodontists earn a median income of approximately $186,000.

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