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Medical Assistant employment

Finding Medical Assistant employment is not difficult, as this type of career can lead to almost any field of medicine and is in high demand in all areas.

The choice to become a Medical Assistant can be a tremendous way to ensure that you have a very rewarding career. Where do you find Medical Assistant employment? You will discover that you have almost limitless options. Below, you will find more information about where you might seek employment as a Medical Assistant and what to expect from such a career.

Where to find Medical Assistant employment options

While it is certainly true that Medical Assistant careers can go in almost any direction in medicine, most seem to end up at the same destination: Almost 70 percent of all Medical Assistants work in private offices. There they assist physicians in their day-to-day duties, provide patients with vital information and engage in administrative and clerical duties, as well. As such, you’ll find an incredible number of jobs working with private physicians, and this can be an excellent choice for any Medical Assistant.

More options for Medical Assistant employment

Working with a private practice is definitely the most common option for Medical Assistants, but it is by no means the only option. You’ll find that hospitals have a high need for Medical Assistants, as do outpatient care facilities, nursing homes, residential (long-term) care facilities and more. Each of these facilities can provide you with a rewarding career, as well as a considerable Medical Assistant salary.

Specialized care providers offer employment

You will find that in addition to those areas listed above, specialized areas also have need for Medical Assistants. This can be an ophthalmologist’s office, a podiatrist’s office, a psychiatrist’s office, chiropractor’s office or any other type of medical professional. The wide range of job duties Medical Assistants perform on a routine basis makes them ideally suited to any situation in which a medical professional finds he or she needs a bit of help.

The outlook for Medical Assistant employment

Like most jobs in the medical field, employment for Medical Assistants is only expected to increase with time. In fact, by the year 2016, the federal government predicts there will be more than 500,000 Medical Assistant jobs around the United States.

Other resources can help you learn more about Medical Assistant certification and careers.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers information about Medical Assistant career choices.
You will find more information about medical assistant careers with the American Association of Medical Assistants or AAMA.

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