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Medical school application

The old adage "You only get one chance to make a first impression" is never more true than with your medical school application. It is essential that you do it right the first time, since this provides prospective schools with their first impression of who you are.

If you are an aspiring doctor or wish to go into any other area of medicine, you’ll need to apply with various medical schools. Your medical school application is an important document, and you should know all you can about what you to do to make it stand out and impress the best schools.

Creating a strong application

There are several things that go into making a strong medical school application, and the stronger your application is, the greater the chance of gaining admission into the top medical school of your choice. One of the first things you’ll need to consider is your MCAT scores, one of the hard requirements for getting into medical schools. These scores play a significant role in the strength or weakness of an application.

Also at the top of your list of importance is letters of recommendation. These can come from community leaders, teachers or industry professionals with whom you have worked or developed a relationship. Letters of recommendation tell the admissions board that you are committed and dedicated, and they communicate some of your potential worth in your chosen profession.

Your personal statement also plays a vital role in your med school application. Your personal statement should communicate your goals and your drives very clearly. It should also be professionally written and should use correct grammar and punctuation.

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Secondary med school applications

Secondary applications are sent out to those who pass with their first application. If you have passed through the first screening with flying colors, expect to receive one of these in the mail, or through your e-mail. In this type of application, you will have to tell the school more about you, as a person, about your character and about your personal goals.

The primary application explains you, as a student. The secondary application explains you, as a person. However, the secondary application is just as important as the initial one, and you should take care that it is filled out fully and correctly.

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The AMCA S provides medical school application help.
The AAMC offers guidance and tutorials for aspiring medical professionals.
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