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Medical school scholarships

Medical school scholarships can help you pay for the education required to become a practicing medical professional. However, knowing how to apply for these scholarships will help you maximize your opportunities.

Medical school scholarships can enable students to attend a medical school they would otherwise be unable to pay for. However, these scholarships are difficult to get and are in very short supply. If you do not apply for the scholarships you need well before you need them, you can find yourself without the required funding. And footing a heavy bill for your medical school tuition.

So what should you know about scholarships to medical school?

Merit medical school scholarships

Today's medical schools offer many different kinds of scholarships. The merit scholarship is one of the most popular and the most prevalent. In order to qualify for such a scholarship, you must first demonstrate a high GPA, as well as a high score on your MCAT. All med schools have their own rules and regulations governing the distribution of their scholarship funds, though you’ll find that most share the same qualifications of the highest scores and the most financial need.

Armed Forces medical school scholarships

The Armed Forces can be excellent options for your needs. Through the Health Professionals Scholarship Program, the Armed Forces foot the bill for tuition and all books required. The agreement you must sign in order to be accepted states that you will serve for a year of active duty for each year of school attended within the structure of the program.

Medical association scholarships

If the Armed Forces doesn’t seem like a viable option and you are unable to attain scholarships through the medical school of your choice, then you can seek help with any of the many different medical associations around the nation. For instance, the American Medical Association offers help through scholarships, while many other associations have similar programs in place.

Other options exist, so take the time to pursue them. But the most crucial advice: apply early, apply often. Scholarship applications fill up fast (faster than med school slots), and you’ll need to have your name in first in order to be considered for funding.

Other resources for scholarships

The AMA offers help through medical school scholarships.
US News features information about finding medical school scholarships. offers information about medical school scholarships and loans.


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