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Nursing Assistant salaries

The average Nursing Assistant salary is expected to rise, as more and more health care providers find themselves in need of these professionals.

Nursing Assistant salary ranges are expected to grow rapidly, according to government studies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that an increasing demand for these professionals to replace those nurses retiring, as well as to combat the growing scarcity of nursing professionals, will result in increased pay scales for numerous different nursing specialties.

Nursing Assistant requirements

In order to take advantage of the increase in Nursing Assistant salary ranges, you will need to know what is required to enter this field. Actually, you can begin preparing for this field while still in high school, as many high schools now offer Nursing Aide or Nursing Assistant courses. In addition to these courses, you would do well to study anatomy, chemistry and biology, mathematics and health.

On top of those classes available in high school, post high school courses are available to help you enter this fast-growing medical field. Vocational schools and technical colleges often offer Nursing Assistant classes and courses that can help you attain the required education. Online nursing classes are another option. As a note, most states require that Nursing Assistants have at least a high school diploma or a GED, though some states do not require this of those working in the home health field.

Nursing Assistant salary ranges

You will find that Nursing Assistant salary ranges vary considerably with experience, location and geographic area. For instance, if you have several years of experience in the industry, you might expect to earn up to $15 per hour. Entry-level positions often start out as low as $9 or $10 per hour, though.

In addition, those employed as Nursing Assistants with the local government tend to earn the most, while those working in community care facilities for the elderly usually earn the least (this varies considerably with geographic location).

Of course, entering the industry as a Nursing Assistant can pave the way for you to take additional courses, helping you attain needed experience and training to become an RN, LPN or LVN, which all carry higher salary ranges.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers considerable information about Nursing Assistant salary ranges. can help you understand the differences in Nursing Assistant salary requirements. offers information about employment and Nursing Assistant salary possibilities.


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