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Requirements to Earn a Physical Therapy Degree

If you want to find a lucrative career and you enjoy helping other people live happier, healthier lives, then becoming a physical therapist might be the best option open to you.  This career has great earnings potential, and the growth forecast for the industry is quite good.  However, you will need to know more about earning a physical therapy degree to get started.

Basic Degree Information for the Physical Therapy Industry

If you choose to become a physical therapist aide, then you will need nothing more than a high school diploma.  In addition, you will find that many employers are more than willing to provide training during the course of the job.

However, if you opt to become a physical therapist assistant, then you will need an associate physical therapy degree. These require a modicum of study and are available from several hundred physical therapy schools around the nation, both online and offline.  Of course, you should make sure that the school you choose is accredited with the American Physical Therapy Association. The physical therapy assistant salary ranges between that of an aide and a fully licensed physical therapist.

If you decide that becoming a full physical therapist is the best option for you, then you will need to have more education.  A master's degree is the minimum required for entry into this profession.  You might also choose to earn your doctorate, as it often only requires an additional year of study.  Of course, many people choose to start out as physical therapist aides or assistants and work their way up to being a full physical therapist.  This offers hands-on training over a period of time, which helps make your course of study easier.

The growth potential for both positions is considerable, and the physical therapy salaries are expected to grow over the next several years.

After Earning Your Physical Therapy Degree

After you have earned your degree, you will need to obtain your license.  For physical therapist assistants, licensing is a requirement that must be considered. Each state has different licensing requirements, so check with your state first.  Of course, physical therapists will also have to have their license in order to operate in the US.  Again, licensing requirements vary by state, so check the particular requirements that apply to you.

Additional Resources

You can learn more about the requirements for a physical therapy degree with the Bureau of Labor Statistics.



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