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Premed programs

Premed programs can provide students the necessary preparation for admission to medical school, as well as dental, veterinary, optometry, even podiatry schools.

Undergraduate students wishing to pursue a medical degree can benefit from a premed program that provides a solid foundation in the natural science – biology, chemistry, biochemistry. Combined with coursework in math and physics, premed programs prepare students for the rigors of medical school and a demanding career in medicine.

When deciding on a premed program, students should weigh a variety of factors, but the two biggest relate to grades and MCAT scores. As those are two of the biggest determining factors for admission to medical school, students would be wise to ask questions of premed programs before making a decision.

What sort of MCAT review and preparation services does this premed program offer?

Is this premed program known for grade inflation? For a harsh grading system?

Is there a hospital affiliated with this premed program where students can gain internship and/or volunteer experience?

How involved are academic counselors in guiding students through the medical school application process?

And when making the final decisions about a premed program, students should pay close attention to the volume, pace, and quality of the med school prerequisite courses. A list of these courses is provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges:

One year of biology
One year of physics
One year of English
Two years of chemistry (through organic chemistry)


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